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The Wunderpus, a charming liveaboard inspired by Indonesian culture, offers divers an exquisite blend of comfort, luxury, and unforgettable adventure.

Boasting a meticulous design from Ironwood and teak, this dive boat provides an exclusive experience limited to eight passengers per trip.

In this review, I’ll evaluate its accommodation, facilities, food offerings, and diving experiences, ensuring a comprehensive look at what this traditionally inspired Indonesian boat has to offer.

Key facts

Year Built: 2014
Max Divers: 8 (Groups of 4 max)
Nitrox: Yes (Free)
Minimum logged dives: N/A (courses available)
Wifi: Yes
Aircon: Yes

Diving Experience on the Wunderpus

The Wunderpus boasts a truly spectacular diving experience, capturing the best that Komodo’s marine environment offers.

The diving sessions, with their diverse and vibrant marine life, are described by guests as “unforgettable” and “mind-blowing”.

An aspect that sets the Wunderpus apart is the careful planning and knowledge that goes into the diving schedules. The expert dive guides, Pieter and Alice, deeply understand the Komodo National Park, with a reputation for selecting the perfect times to visit specific dive sites.

This maximizes the chances of encountering certain species, like the majestic manta rays and sharks, and minimizes the likelihood of running into crowds, contributing to the exceptional personal experience.

Divers on the Wunderpus can expect thorough briefings before each dive, explaining the dive site, conditions, entry and exit procedures, and expected marine life. This careful preparation, along with the continuous surface support by the speedboat crew, contributes to a safe and enjoyable diving experience.

The crew understands that diving in Komodo can sometimes be challenging due to strong currents at certain sites.

However, their experienced guides consider these factors and offer divers the safest and most rewarding dives possible.

Novice divers, or those who haven’t dived for a while, will appreciate having a more relaxed dive to regain confidence and refresh their skills.

The review testimonies highlight the outstanding level of care taken by the crew to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.

The ratio of divers to dive guides is impressively low, often two divers to a guide, which allows for a personalized and reassuring dive experience.

And the marine life? Absolutely stunning. Komodo’s nutrient-rich waters offer an astounding variety of creatures, from the playful manta rays and reef sharks to turtles, tunas, and the elusive whale shark.

Whether you’re watching a courtship dance between mantas or exploring the thriving coral reefs, diving with Wunderpus is a true feast for the senses.

Accommodation and life on board


The Wunderpus provides cozy and comfortable accommodation in the form of four cabins, tailored to cater to the needs of the guests onboard.

The boat features two double cabins with queen-size beds, and two double-twin cabins that also house a queen-size bed and a single bunk.

All cabins have air conditioning and a fan to keep the temperatures ideal, ensuring a restful sleep after a day of diving and exploration.

The cabins also have ensuite bathrooms with hot water, suitable for a quick shower after a dive. Despite being on a boat, the guests appreciated the cleanliness and daily service provided.

It is noted that the cabins may not be overly spacious but are well-maintained and provide enough room for essentials.


wunderpus food

Culinary delights on the Wunderpus are just as much part of the adventure as diving. The chef onboard prepares four delicious meals daily, catering to various tastes by offering a mix of Indonesian/Asian-influenced dishes and European favorites.

According to the vegan food quest, vegan food is really good and they were more than happy with the quality and variety available.

Fresh fruit and salads and an extra tasty snack in the afternoon are always available.

Meals are typically served on the main deck dining table, allowing guests to enjoy the splendid views of their surroundings.

For the days when the weather doesn’t cooperate, there’s also an indoor air-conditioned salon available for dining.


The Wunderpus liveaboard (click to view prices and available dates) is not short on amenities that aim to enhance the overall experience. When guests are not diving, the top deck is a perfect place to unwind, read a book, or just gaze at the passing islands.

There are two upper decks, one shaded and one open to the sky, furnished with comfortable sunbeds, perfect for relaxing in between dives or for stargazing at night.

Beverages like tea, coffee, and biscuits are available on a self-serve basis, with soft drinks and beers also available for purchase.

The Wunderpus further distinguishes itself with its eco-friendly initiatives. This is evident in the provision of 100% biodegradable, reef-safe shampoo and soap in the cabins, and the use of reusable dining ware.

Lastly, the Wunderpus ensures guests a good night’s rest by anchoring in calm, secluded locations in the National Park.

Scuba Diving safety

Starting with the equipment, the Wunderpus is well-stocked with life rafts, life jackets, satellite phones, and first-aid kits to manage emergencies.

All this equipment is easily accessible and ready to use, ensuring quick response times if needed.

Regarding diving gear, the boat offers a variety of brands like Mares, Aqua Lung, and Apeks, all renowned for their reliability and quality.

All diving gear is regularly serviced and meticulously prepared before each dive by the crew, ensuring that it is in optimal condition for use.

Safety extends to the crew’s skills as well.

The crew members and master dive guides have undergone thorough first-aid training, ensuring they can handle any medical emergencies competently.

Furthermore, there are at least two crew members with Emergency First Response (EFR) training on each trip.

The Wunderpus also ensures safety by keeping group sizes to a maximum of four divers per group, with divers of similar experience levels grouped together.

This small group size ensures each diver gets ample attention and supervision from the dive guides, further enhancing safety during dives.

Non-divers or beginners are not left out either.

They are encouraged to take up dive courses (PADI or SSI) before joining the trip to make the most of their safari.

Moreover, the dive guides are ready to provide a more relaxed dive for beginners or those who haven’t dived for a while to help regain their confidence and refresh their skills.

Itinerary and the Komodo National Park

komodo national park

The voyage aboard the Wunderpus liveaboard takes you to the heart of Indonesia’s rich and varied ecosystems, where nature and adventure intermingle. From the moment of check-in, guests are welcomed with refreshing drinks and snacks and given a comprehensive briefing outlining the safety guidelines and planned itinerary.

The journey centers around the magnificent Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site and a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventurers alike. The park spans multiple islands, including Komodo Island, home to the world-renowned Komodo Dragon.

This unique creature, the world’s largest living species of lizard, is just one of the many reasons why thousands of tourists are drawn to this region every year.

Apart from the Komodo dragons, the park’s terrestrial wildlife is astonishingly diverse, with species such as wild bears, orangutans, water buffalos, mynas, tigers, rhinos, and Timor deer.

Various bird species also grace the park’s skies, making it a birder’s paradise. Each island within the park boasts its unique fauna, contributing to the overall richness of the area.

The marine life is equally enchanting. Komodo National Park’s dive sites are famed for their abundant underwater biodiversity and challenging currents, making them a favorite amongst divers.

The marine life here is awe-inspiring, from parrotfish and rare weedy to jacks, trevallies, mackerel, barracudas, and even elusive hammerheads. It’s a must-visit destination for enthusiast photographers and marine biologists, who frequent the park all year round to study and capture incredible marine life.

The park’s coastal areas are home to three types of coastal vegetation: seagrasses, algae, and mangroves, each providing a unique habitat for a range of species.

These areas are vital to maintaining the healthy balance of the park’s ecosystem and offer a different kind of beauty for visitors to enjoy.

It’s not all about the wildlife, though. The Indonesian peninsula is also famed for its local crafts, including leather goods and wood carving, offering an additional cultural element to your journey.

Season recommendation

The best time to embark on this adventure is during the dry months between May and September.

This period offers the most favorable conditions for land and underwater explorations, ensuring you get the most out of your Indonesian adventure.


Whether you are a seasoned diver, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply a traveler seeking an offbeat adventure, Wunderpus is an excellent choice.

This trip offers a gateway to the breathtaking Komodo National Park and its rich biodiversity and the opportunity to dive and explore some of the most vibrant and diverse marine life on our planet.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to journey with the Wunderpus, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Please share with us the highlights of your trip, the quality of the services provided on board, your diving experiences, and any other memorable moments that made your liveaboard experience special!

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