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Komodo, Indonesia, is renowned for its enigmatic dragons on land and mesmerizing marine life beneath the waves.

Choosing the right liveaboard can make the difference between a good trip and an unforgettable one for divers and travelers.

In this review, I delve deep into the experience aboard the Indo Aggressor (click to view available dates and prices) — exploring its diving offerings and onboard experience.

This post should give you an in-depth look into whether this liveaboard journey is worth your investment.

From pristine coral gardens to the comfort of your cabin, join us as we navigate the highs and lows of the Indo Aggressor in the heart of Komodo.

Key facts

Year Built: 2001
Max Divers: 16 (8 Cabins)
Nitrox: Yes (Paid extra)
Minimum certification required: I recommend Advanced Open water and 30+ dives minimum for Komodo.
Wifi: Yes
Aircon: Yes

Scuba Diving Experience on the Indo Aggressor

The Indo Aggressor offers an unparalleled diving experience, giving divers a front-row seat to some of Indonesia’s most breathtaking underwater treasures. Here’s a balanced overview of what divers can expect, from equipment and safety to dive sites and marine encounters:

Gear and Preparation

The moment you step aboard the Indo Aggressor, the focus is on ensuring a hassle-free dive experience.

As you settle in, you’re encouraged to unpack your scuba gear and prepare for the dives ahead.

All diving activities are facilitated from two tenders, and once you’ve set up your equipment, the dive team takes over its management. This efficient process ensures divers only need to worry about their underwater experience.

While the general practice involves removing your dive gear in water post-dive, some divers, particularly those familiar with climbing aboard with their gear on, might find this slightly inconvenient.

However, this procedure is followed to prioritize the safety and ease of transfer back to the tender.


Safety is paramount for the Indo Aggressor.

The cruise director and dive team diligently ensure that the chosen dive sites have good visibility to enhance safety and enjoyment.

They’re adept at managing a diverse group of divers, from photographers and videographers to recreational divers, ensuring everyone has a pleasant experience.

Divemasters are particularly vigilant when strong currents guide divers through the sites and ensure everyone is accounted for.

What to Expect Underwater

scuba diver with a school of fish in komodo

Underwater, divers are treated to a symphony of marine life and breathtaking coral formations.

Whether you’re spotting the tiny Pygmy Seahorses, trying to count the numerous Manta Rays, or hoping to catch a glimpse of the elusive Rhinopias, Komodo promises a vibrant palette of marine encounters.

Moreover, the diligent crew goes the extra mile to enhance the dive experience, like scouting for rare marine species.

While most dives offer good visibility, there might be occasional dives where visibility is compromised.

I must warn you that Komodo is infamous for strong currents and did not steal its reputation.

It’s hard to predict how strong the current will be before a dive; it can change from one day to the next.

For this reason, I recommend you have an advanced open water certification or equivalent, a minimum of 30 dives, and that you did dive recently before going to Komodo.

That is because if you feel confident and comfortable with your gear and buoyancy, you will absolutely love it, but if not, it might at times feel too stressful.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely worth it. Komodo dives are very rewarding!

Life on board

table ready to serve meals on the komodo liveaboard indo aggresor


The cabins on the Indo Aggressor are designed with comfort in mind. As soon as you’re on board, it’s evident that the space is made for relaxation and rejuvenation between dives.

While the accommodations are not akin to a luxury hotel suite, they are snug, well-kept, and serve the purpose of a diving trip.

The cabins provide enough storage space for personal belongings, scuba gear, and cameras, ensuring your gear is always within arm’s reach.

Food and Dining

food on the indo aggresor

Dining on the Indo Aggressor is an experience in itself. Almost all meals are served on the main dive deck, allowing guests to enjoy their food while being surrounded by expansive views of open water or picturesque islands.

It’s a calming experience to savor a meal while feeling the gentle sway of the boat and watching the horizon.

However, it’s worth noting that weather can play spoilsport, as windy rainstorms might push one or two meals indoors. That being said, the indoor gallery is pleasant and cozy, though not as enchanting as the outdoors.

The menu is a delightful blend of Western and Indonesian cuisine, catering to various palates.

While the food is commendable, don’t expect a gourmet feast. The emphasis is on wholesome, flavorful meals that energize divers for their underwater adventures.

Guests can indulge in various snacks and soft drinks between meals, ensuring no one goes hungry after a long dive.

What to Expect During the Trip

Between dives, there’s ample time to relax, socialize, or gaze at the vast expanse of water around.

The crew plays an integral role in the onboard experience.

Everyone from the dive team to the service staff is committed to ensuring guests have a memorable trip. While they are professional and attentive, don’t expect the same level of luxury service as on a premium cruise liner.

The emphasis here is on genuine interactions and a shared passion for diving.

During the evenings, guests often gather to share dive stories, view photographs, or engage in light banter over a drink.

It’s a time to bond, reminisce about the day’s adventures, and anticipate the dives ahead.

Available itineraries in Komodo

indo aggresor drone shot

1. Komodo National Park – 7 & 10 Night Itineraries

The Komodo National Park itinerary is a balanced blend of diving and land-based activities.

While the diving focuses mainly on the Sape Straits, it also incorporates other standout regions, excluding Bima Bay and Sangeang Volcano in East Sumbawa.

Why Choose This: If you wish to experience both diving and hiking in one trip, this is your go-to. Witness the majesty of manta rays, the grandeur of oceanic white-tip sharks, and the thrill of walking among the Komodo dragons. The highlight is the Dragon Walk, offering insights into the Komodo National Park and its infamous dragons.

2. Komodo Deep South – 7 Night Itinerary

This itinerary zeroes in on the southern parts of the Komodo National Park.

It’s a seasonal journey, only available during the North West Monsoon. Dive sites exclusive to this itinerary include Mota Island and the Mola Straits.

Why Choose This: Divers looking for a specialized experience will appreciate the focus on South Komodo. Encounter manta rays, marvel at the beautiful soft corals, and, of course, meet the Komodo dragons.

3. Bali to Komodo National Park – 10 Night Itinerary

This itinerary combines the beauty of Bali with the wilds of Komodo National Park. Starting from Benoa Harbour, guests can dive into Bali’s famous USS Liberty Wreck and witness the spectacle of thousands of fruit bats departing from Satonda Island.

Why Choose This: Ideal for those wanting a comprehensive journey that begins with Bali’s known dive spots and ends with the raw beauty of Komodo. It combines well-known attractions with unique diving experiences, making it ideal for both novice and experienced divers.

4. Forgotten Islands – 11 Night Itinerary

Truly off the beaten path, the Forgotten Islands itinerary dives deep into Indonesia’s lesser-known areas. These islands, part of Indonesia’s south Maluku province, are some of the most secluded and untouched parts of the country.

Why Choose This: Perfect for the adventure seekers and those who want to venture into the unknown. From dramatic walls at the Komba Volcano to the vibrant reefs of The Leti Islands, this itinerary offers an unmatched experience of discovery.


In summary, the itinerary you choose depends on your interests and what you aim to get out of your journey. If it’s diversity you’re after, the Komodo National Park offers a mix of land and sea adventures.

Those wanting a more specialized diving experience can opt for the Komodo Deep South, while those wishing to combine the delights of Bali with the wilds of Komodo should choose the Bali to Komodo National Park. Finally, for the true explorers at heart, the Forgotten Islands promises a journey into uncharted waters.

Whatever your choice, be prepared for an unforgettable journey. on the indo aggressor Safe travels!

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